January 13, 2011

Tha Grimm Teachaz feat. MC17 – “Grimm Savyas” video

Friday Night (Serengeti and Hi-Fidel) unearth more 1993 goodness from Tha Grimm Teachaz There’s a Situation on the Homefront LP. The album came out digitally alongside pre-orders for Friday Night’s Saturday Night, but according to the youtube info it looks like anticon is putting out a real version in February 2011.

Tha Grimm Teachaz are PMDF (Prince Midnight Dark Force,) KDz (Kenny Dennis aka Tha Killa Deacon,) and DJ Koufie. Directed by Tre Weasele.


3 Responses

  1. Chris, I agree. It’s ashame that this might have been the best album of last year (indie/underground hip-hop) and you heard very little national press. It just goes to show that modern day music is all about pop and marketing.

    This song is GOLD and “I Getz” w/Son Doobie is AWESOME.