March 4, 2009

The Acorns – Forming Roots, out now

New album from DC’s the Acorns (DJ Blake9 and Mad Squirrel) via Candlewax Records. Forming Roots is out now.

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  1. These songs drive to ask a question. In asking this question, I am not trying to be mean. I consider myself and open minded and accepting person. I truly believe that despite our short-commings and differences that we can all contribute to making the world the beautiful, diverse place that it is. My question, however, is this: are these guys retarded? Or menatally disabled in anyway?

    1. Quite the opposite. Mad Squirrel has a PHD and is a professor at Virginia Tech. Blake9 had produced singles for Count Bass D, Comel of Time Machine (Nine:Fifteen), Yesterday’s Truth, Vex daVortex of The Boogiemonsters.

      They only thing that would be retarted is if you don’t follow what the Acorns or Candlewax Records is doing. These guys do naturally what Doom and Paul Barman try to do.

  2. definitely can see the barman comparison.

    not really feeling these tracks at all. beats are decent though

  3. I like these tracks but it is no surprise. Sounds like a cross between Paul Barman and Pimp T and I like both of those guys. Thanks for posting this Noyz.

  4. The tracks are cool.

    In the end, does it really matter? I stopped being critical a long time ago. If you are making comments, then these cats are doing something right.

  5. it just kind of sounds like a mockery, not sure if thats what they were going for or not.

  6. We are not mocking hip hop. We are not Mocking anyone. The truth is, we’re being ourselves. Which is what hip hop lacks. People being themselves and not putting on a front. This is the purest, truest, delivery of what we are as artists represent. We come together as the Acorns. Yea, it’s a little nuts, hence the name. Yes, it’s different, which is what we want to do. Be different. Be true to ourselves. Mad Squirrel is that MC, he’s himself, it’s not an act. Not talking about things he has no relation to. Those beats are my beats. Just want I did one day in the studio.

    I am just happy someone is listening. We don’t take ourselves too serious. We just do what we do.

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