August 19, 2010

The Dirty Sample – Joshua’s Dreamixes

The Dirty Sample - Joshua's Dreamixes

<a href="">Intro by Hand&#8217;Solo Records</a>

Remix project from Calgary producer The Dirty Sample aka Planit. Out now on Hand’Solo Records!

1. Intro
2. Brian Wilson – D-Sisive
3. Fall Dumbass – OK Cobra (cuts by Metawon)
4. How Many – Epic ft Chadio (cuts by The Phonograff)
5. Yeah – Noah 23 ft Moka Only (cuts by DJ Stibs)
6. None Missing – Birdapres
7. My Last Wish – Mindbender (cuts by Metawon)
8. Many Many – Eternia
9. Anti-Cymbal Monkey Movement – Esh & CasUno (cuts by Bizkid)
10. Flauge Godz – The Killaz ft Ghetto Dice (cuts by Petey Punch)
11. Hungry & Thirsty – Smokey
12. Back In Stereo – Royce Birth (cuts by Peter Project)
13. Atrophy – Cam the Wizzard (cuts by DJ Cosm)
14. Da da da da da da – Royal-T
15. Summertime Green – Dirt Gritie (Politic Live) ft Shaw & Sly Slivers (cuts by Metawon)
16. Any Battle – Touch (cuts by Dirty Needles)
17. Chai – ATOM (mpc manipulation by Strange Powers)
18. Seasons – Red Ants (cuts by Metawon)
19. Tom Cruise – Ira Lee (cuts by Danimal)
20. The Prestidigitator – Jesse Dangerously (cuts by Cadilakid)
21. The Route – Wordburglar (cuts by Petey Punch)
22. Outro

8 Responses

  1. Yo Doog, am I trippin or are there physical versions of this? Can I gets one? How much $$?

  2. planit makes some nice music, but that cover makes me not even want to tune-in

  3. Yeah, there are physical copies. You can get them through CD Baby right now. UGHH, AccessHipHop and Phonographique should all have copies soon, too. Or, if you’d like, you can order a copy through me for $15, which includes mailing costs…

    Sorry you don’t like the cover, Grouchy. You’re not the only one. But it is what it is. And hopefully that doesn’t stop you from checking out these great remixes.

  4. Glad to hear yall like it. Oscar sad to hear the cover offends you. No harm was meant I just think everyone on this big rock floating through space is a monkey regardless of who you are/where your from. Especially me. Just a big ol’ sad ape who eats his poo, either to get nutrients I missed the first time or I’m just looking for a hot meal on a cold day.