November 12, 2016

House List

The House List is a weekly podcast about the business of show, produced and hosted by Peter Agoston. We conversate with a wide range of friends and colleagues working in the music business & business of show. Music Journalists, Publicists, Promoters, Agents, Label owners, Artists, and much more. In the live-performance touring world ‘The House List’ is a term known as the designated guest-list for those closely affiliated with the venue. Over the years, I worked probably every job you can find in the music business, throughout that I’ve put a lot of people on countless house lists. Sure, many industry folks, but it’s most fulfilling when it’s just for a friend – letting them entry into something that other wise may be sold-out, closed off or hard to get into. All presumptuousness aside, that is kind of what I’m hoping for with this thing. My favorite memories from my years spent in night-clubs aren’t as much the shows or parties, but the conversations with people in the midst of it all. Those one of a kind perspectives, rich and textured opinions from the well worn veteran of music. I got my start in radio and music magazine writing in the early 90’s, this is me stepping back into that, at least for some fun chats with people I’m intrigued with.


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