Dec 15, 2009

The Joe – “You’re Cool” video



  1. haha, this is hillarious and well done. I have a new appreciation for The Joe, the similarity in voice between him and Paul Barman is eerie though.

  2. baggs of lean

    Re-lived my uni days through this video. Nice locations!

  3. Thanks for posting this, UGS!

  4. me

    that’s a great song. very well-written.

  5. busted nut

    I never went to university, so I’m lost but good vid…

  6. hipster douchebag

    good song to a video to. nice work!

  7. no, you're cool

    the lyrics to this are pretty friggin dope, although the delivery on a couple lines here and there wasn’t too good in my opinion. overall the joe is cool.

  8. max prime

    this vid gives the song a great reference point. good shit joe

  9. Bulljive

    I know I’m opening a big fucking can of worms here but…
    Is the lack of non white people in this video on purpose? Like, is it part of the concept? Or is it just no one in The Joe’s life?

  10. AOK

    The Joe is a wicked songwriter. For the biggest laughs of your life, go to a RAP (Rappers Are People) show — that’s Joe with Mikey Maybe. It’s really wise parody: “When my food gets cold, I clicky-clack!”

  11. Hahah I didnt realize how many RFT people were in this till I re-watched it. Peace to Craddock! Mans a genious on stage!

  12. props to komrade for recognizing the IMPROV celebz.

  13. *puts on theatre fag hat*

    Hahaha I was huge into Improv in Highschool. My team won Nosebowl 1 year and came in second the next year. Was offered a spot to work with RFT during their first half sets of Theatresports, but opted out to become a thugged out Hip Hop superstar, obviously.

    Lets see that kid at 0:14 seconds on the skateboard was on an opposing team the second year we played, I guess he is with RTF now, good on him.

    Of course Craddok himself at 1:12 hahaha. His “Bashed” play was genious if anyone ever got to see it.

    1:41 we have Stuey. Dude is too funny hahaha. Weird looking tho :|

    2:05 is Amy Shawstack ahahah. Thats Nicks older sister. I always found Nick funnier but Amy always got it done.

    Ahahahahahaaha shit. Imma need to check out Improv again sometime soon. Havent been in a minute.

  14. That’s funny I used to be on an Improv team in High School and a bunch of those guys were doing Chimprov and RFT they even had a rap group called The Blender which did a couple shows…they weren’t that great.

    They had the sweetest movies they made that was basically no script, shit has been done to death now, but they did it back when it was still fresh. I think 2001 or 2002. I wish I had a copy of it cause holy shit that movie was hilarious. It even had the fat guy from Mad TV and Georges Laraque in it.

  15. chris plus

    will sasso was in it? thats fuckin sweet

  16. Cosm

    This is dope!

  17. the-girl-next-door

    Post secondary relatable…..

  18. Dick Face

    Steinkie shouldve dropped a verse

  19. Yep, this was great.

  20. Jon Dubs

    Is that Fred Armisen at 0:06?

    Nah its Andy Samberg

  21. I really enjoyed this for some reason.

    first ive heard of the joe, but ill keep checking.

  22. yo

    this is so great! and im in love with christian hansen, i liked the quick appearance!

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