July 5, 2010

The Last Emperor – “Fine Art” video

Dope new track from The Last Emperor’s forthcoming album, The Wizards Wardrobe, dropping later this year on Red Planet Music. Video directed by Hi Focused Productions.


18 Responses

  1. I’ve always liked Last Emp a lot, but this seems like it’s being played at half-speed. It sounds like he’s trying to make his music more accessible? Anyway, my tempo preferences aside, it’s good to hear SOMETHING from him.

  2. This is a good lyrical, slow, hard song. Most people won’t like this.

    he has been on the low for a long minute, but he is eternally classic.
    good to see him back, doing some next level underground in the music scene.

    I think only this guy and Naptron are 100% perfect in ALL ways, bar none.

    even busta, and apathy are not 100% perfect. and I love those guys alot…

    this song is some sick flip shit on some slick script mix.

    i am waiting for the moment where I get, ‘THE WIZARDS WARDROBE’ and jam…


  3. This is dooooope! Emp on some rhyming shit. Always preferred this type of shit from him as opposed to rhyming bout bigfoot and chinese women in caravans. Plus now I know what he looks like after over ten years haha.

  4. great song, i used to be a big last emperor fan in the echo leader/meditation/bums days. i still don’t understand how his album ended up being mediocre. his concepts have been known to turn cornball or fall flat on their faces (jungle cats for example), but when it clicks he can make some crazy songs. i’m very happy to hear he has a new album on the way.

  5. Don’t get me wrong–I love Last Emp, some of my favorite songs are his—and you can always get a lot out of his lyrics. It’s just on most of his tracks he raps much faster than this and it sounds (at least in my opinion) like he made this tailored for beginner listeners or something. I don’t know if I’m making my point in the way I’d like to—or if I’d even like to be the guy making this point—if I have a point.

  6. Could be, I prefer to look at it as his ‘Broken Language’. Stripped down bare so you have no choice but to listen to what he’s saying…this is definitely the grimiest Emp track I can think of.

  7. this is definitely his slowest track, but not by a whole lot. being so slow the lyrics stand out that much more; so i kinda hear what you’re saying. he’s still got the dope patterns and star wars references though. plus he’s always been an mc to over enunciate so you are rarely confused as to what he’s saying. sped up by 5 or 10 bpms and this would sound like vintage last emp.

  8. Yeah for sure, and like I said it’s nice to hear from him again at all. If I had never heard of the Last Emperor prior to seeing this video I’d definitely be blown away. Ha, and Dubs I never really knew what he looked like either, but I know the voice all too well.

  9. Last Emp kills shit, this is an odd track though kinda sounds like Mindbender. I like him better with bigger beats.

  10. This shit is nice, on some straight rap tip, with a bit of grit. I’ll be checking for the album. Always dug Last Emperor.