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June 16, 2009

The Presence – “Hermit Kingdom” video

Download “Hermit Kingdom” here: http://sendspace.com/file/t9mw3j

New York’s The Presence (emcee/producer Nasa & emcee Cirrus) have just released a brand new video “Hermit Kingdom”…. a track that sheds light on an important situation happening in North Korea. As you may already know 2 American reporters for Current TV have been imprisoned there and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in the country. If you have seen their work, then you should know that they are talented and brave journalists that were simply trying to do their jobs. The video also addresses the history of the North Korean crisis as a whole. Please sign this internet petition from “Amnesty International” for the release of Laura Leng and Euna Lee from Current TV.

Check for The Presence’s Full Length LP later this year We Want the Winter.


One Response

  1. this is really interesting….
    maybe it would have been a good idea to get someone to proofread it though. no offense. lots of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in there.