Dec 3, 2008

Time Machine – “In The City Of Everything” [video]



  1. could be that busta rhymes video i just watched….but this sucked.
    and i was a big fan of their last album.

  2. SKZA

    Holy Dr. Suess flows Batman! It’s like these guys don’t know that the past 25 years of rap have happened. The fading-in greenscreened faces section is particularly awfully hilarious.

    This is about a thousand times worse than that (decidedly bad) Busta Rhymes video

  3. You guys are crazy, this song + vid are dope! One of the better songs from an album full of quite enough faster raps. Its not breaking any new ground or anything, but the video actually made me like the song more. I agree about the face overlays at the end though, those are pretty funny, hopefully intentionally funny.

  4. timbulb

    Yeah I dug this.

  5. alter

    one of the better vids i’ve seen in a while.

  6. max prime

    yeah, this is dope.

    way better than the generic muneshine video.

    beat is sick, and they have great rap voices

  7. The video was like a little travelogue. I dug that shit for the most part.

  8. jointshow

    dj mekalek is a good dude this crew drops it heavy.

  9. tOUCh

    Great track,reminded me of some old pharcyde shit.

  10. fers

    I like this song…it does sound like that nineties l.a. shit

  11. First song I checked of there’s, I like it, I can see what Noize is saying about the video making the song more enjoyable though. Mekalek is dope.

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