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May 1, 2008

Time Machine – “The Groove That Just Won’t Stop”

Time MachineVideo for the first single from Time Machine’s upcoming album Life is Expensive, dropping May 20th on Glow-In-The-Dark Records.

Catch Time Machine on Tour this month

5/02: Gypsy Hut, Cincinnati, OH
5/03: Skully’s, Columbus, OH
5/04: B Side Liquor Lounge, Cleveland Heights, OH
5/08: The Middle East, Cambridge, MA
5/09: The Barbary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5/10: DC9, Washington, DC
5/11: Baltimore, Maryland
5/14: The Annex, LES, NY
5/16: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
5/17: Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY
5/19: Knitting Factory, New York, NY

More Time Machine info here

9 Responses

  1. This was not a rap show, it was a hipster dance fest. Although it was the most crowded i’ve seen this particular venue, i’m pretty sure nobody there had ever been to a rap show before.

    First off, nothing but trance or techno or house (or whatever that dance shit without lyrics is called) until 1am.

    After fifteen minutes of silence some horrible opening dj goes on at 1:15am playing more of the same crap, with the addition of some horrible sped-up dance remixes of Kanye and Lil’ Mama.

    1:40am, Time Machine finally goes on. The white dude’s mic is muffled and barely audible the whole set. They don’t do any of their older material, like “A Million and One Things To Do” or anything really recognizable, just stick solely to their new fast club type tracks, which are all pretty light on the rapping, but not too bad, i like their first single. Best part of the show was they had synchronized dance routines throughout the set.

    2:00am, show is over.

  2. This was not a rap show, it was a hipster dance fest.
    cadence weapon was there???

  3. Yo this is Jay from Time Machine.

    Somebody sent me a link to this just now, and I’m in our hotel in Columbus before sound check, so I thought I’d take a minute to reply.

    Noyz’s comments are for the most part pretty reasonable.

    This event was kind of a mess.

    Like he said the sound was bad, and alot of the music that the DJs were playing before us was pretty bad too.

    On top of that, the soundman operating the mixing board disappeared at all the wrong times, and was no help with the muffled mic and other issues. They put us on stage wayyyyy too late, which sucked for some of the people that were there specifically to see us and weren’t feeling the stuff going on before us. The promoter explained that this was his first time throwing a party at this venue and they were screwing him over in about 15 different ways.

    Now, besides all that, here’s the thing… we are doing a lot of shows with this type of vibe recently. These days, the shows where a bunch of people, mostly male, stand around watching some guy spit an acapella rap on stage are pretty much over. They got stale.

    And like Noyz said, he had never seen this venue so crowded. The news is that it’s not just that venue. These types of parties are popping across the map, while the traditional “underground hip hop” show is turning into a fossil.

    I am not mad at that. We want to play where the people show up. And where the crowd is live and responsive.

    It IS however an unfortunate by-product that a lot of people who have been fans of ours for a while are uncomfortable at these types of events, or just don’t enjoy them that much. I am hoping that as our clout rises a little, we will be able to bring DJs on the road with us to play the rest of the night, and spin records that appeal to a wider crowd. Music doesn’t have to be thin and synthetic to work on the dancefloor.

    Our new live set is largely faster and more danceable. We feel this makes for a better, more memorable, more unique, more fun performance. The current set has 3 new album songs and the rest is routines, etc that we created specifically for our show. We have been getting great feedback from all sorts of people.

    It is legitimate for someone who likes our old songs to be disappointed that we don’t have any of them in the set right now. I don’t feel like I should apologize for that, but I understand that point of view.

    Our new album, Life Is Expensive, that comes out on May 20 should please both new fans and people like Noyz who have been hip to us for a while. I’m curious to see what kind of feedback we get.

    BTW, there is also a Philly show May 9 and Bmore show May 11 in addition to the ones you have listed.

    Peace and thanks,
    Jay / TM

  4. Good post Jay! Thanks for the clearing things up. I definitely see the reasoning in playing these types of shows and expanding your audience, seems to be working very nicely for a lot of other groups too, like Cool Kids etc.

    I still enjoyed your set, just wish it had been longer. But yeah, it was just the rest of the night that ruined it for me. I think the single is dope, looking forward to hearing the rest of the new album!

  5. I haven’t seen Time Machine live before, but I’ve been to a couple of shows in the past year that sound pretty close to what noyz described, with pretty much zero hip hop deejayed, definitely seems like this is the way lots of shit is going these days. I haven’t decided on whether it’ll be good or bad in the long run, i honestly think its pretty much a fad that is going to die an ugly death in another year or two and isn’t going to leave these rap groups with any real new fans, since the people at these shows are just trend humpers who really don’t give a fuck who is rapping. I know its dope for the artists to be able to play in front of actual crowds, but its fucking wack that they are alienating pretty much all the people who like rap music (and i’m not just talking “underground” rap fans).