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January 14, 2011

Touch – “Klingon Bastards” video

Unofficial video for a single off Touch’s latest album Alienated out on Neferiu Records.


13 Responses

  1. Very cool – one thing tho… When did the Klingons get ridges on their foreheads? Cuz in the old school TV show…it just looks like someone wanted to make the “Klingons” look like “The Chinese”.

    Damn communists.

  2. it’s ’cause in the old Star Trek, they didn’t have the budget to do that kind of make-up. I don’t think it was until the movies that they got their ridges. dope funny video yo!

  3. This song makes the visuals pretty creepy actually. Bet its mad corny with the original audio track…dope ass vid.

  4. Yeah, I figured it was a promo video, but it was some great footage stolen from the original Star Trek… It’s a hard battle finding the right compromise between the art and promoting the art. Anyway, it does a great job of promoting the album. I even posted it on HHC.