August 7, 2012

Touch & The Dirty Sample: The Fly

Touch & The Dirty Sample: The Fly

New album from Touch, produced by The Dirty Sample. Featuring guest spots from Birdapres, Fatt Matt, and Kaboom! Out now on Neferiu Records.

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  1. What I love the most about Touch is his unafraid ability to go where few go. It seems to me that, if you look hard enough at counter culture, underground grimme, internet documentaries, lost knowledge, supressed information, vintage compressors, Solid State eq’s, Roland Space Echo, tube distortion, bill hicks and turner classic movies …you will inevitably come across this fella, speaking with unrivaled clarity and swinging-mind-bending syncapated swagger to shred the sample into fine cut shapes like your moms kitchenware purchased off the TV late in the eve.

    I personally can not wait to hear more. The last I had heard from Touch was Dead Words off Myspace (years ago) then a quick google search later I came across The last 3: Reject, Alienated, and The Fly. Wanna thank you for fixing my E-ville nostalgia the past 3 days.

    Please keep making more Music!
    Sinceraly: DonmecZ (greets from Mexico)

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