September 14, 2010

Triple Decker Record: A 7-inch embedded inside a 12-inch

The Dead Weather’s latest single, “Blue Blood Blues”, will have a limited edition component in the form of an all new Triple Decker Record. Designed by Jack White and assembled by United Record Pressing, the Triple Decker contains a 7″ record embedded inside a 12″ record. The Triple Decker is limited to 300 copies and are available at Third Man Records in Nashville on Friday Sept. 17, and at finer brick and mortar independent record stores worldwide. 50 copies will also be inserted in random mail order for “Blue Blood Blues”.


3 Responses

  1. maybe the 2 sides of the single are the double portion, with the 7″ being the triple? Regardless, 3rd man’s doing some crazy dope shit with releases these days.