November 21, 2010

Triune Gods (Sibitt, Bleubird, Scott Da Ros) – Seven Days Six Nights [Preview Video #1]

Triune Gods are Sibitt from Origami (TempleATS / Japan), Bleubird (Endemik / USA), Scott Da Ros (Endemik / Canada). Their debut album Seven Days Six Nights drops January 19 on Japan’s Granma Music.

“The three met in Japan in 2008 during the bleubird/Zucchini Drive tour. Fans of one another’s music they began to think about collaborating together. In 2010, they met again in Montreal, Canada to become “Triune Gods” and records their debut album “Seven Days Six Nights”. Vocals come from lyricists Sibitt and bleubird, who express many feeling and topics in their native tongues, Japanese and English respectively, while Scott Da Ros created the musical short films that surround each unique story.”