May 20, 2010

UGSMAG is Ten Years Old!

UGSMAG is Ten Years Old!

It’s hard to believe, but this May officially marks ugsmag’s tenth year in existence. We originally were planning on doing some nice 10 year anniversary related goods and festivities, but unfortunately real life has got in the way — as it often does when you’re running a volunteer based indie rap magazine! Instead, we’re just going to keep on truckin’. Big ups to all of our staff, past and present!



  1. countturrack

    to ten more years! ugsmag is the best.

  2. not gonna lie, this kinda makes me feel old!

  3. 10 years. Holy hell that’s rad. I did not know this magazine was still going. It was a mere six or seven years ago I was getting packages sent to my college dorm from UGSMAG. Pretty sure UGSMAG published my first review ever.

    congrats and cheers.

  4. Well done, I wish I still had that sweet Robot Ugsmag Hoodie those were hype.

  5. Congratulations on 10 years noyz. you are a service to the music community.

  6. To celebrate, I think Ceej mentioned pension plans and that’s a great idea. I’m almost 30.

  7. Awesome! UGSMAG rocks. Keep on blogging…

  8. chris plus

    we should do a huge posse cut thats like 40 minutes long to celebrate

  9. IP

    Cheers to the good, the bad & the entertainment on ugs!!


  10. ugsmag is the illest!

  11. Mista jawandoh

    Pensions would be ill…even if we’re only talking about like 30 cents a month. I’m feeling more video…as well as a junkyard Renaissance.

  12. ain’t nuthin’ but sweat inside my hand…

  13. Happy birthday ugsmag. my number one daily stop. almost instinctually.

    i remember dropping cd’s off with epic when you we’re in the basement of your parents place like 50 years ago Noyz!

    growing up is pretty awesome

  14. metawon

    Thanks for all the hard work! Great site/magazine. To another ten!

  15. ceschi

    keep up the good work folks! we all appreciate you!



  17. Royal-T

    word to Noyz and co. Been down since ’02

  18. thanks noyz! keep it going

  19. max prime

    down since ’99.

    keep it awesome noyz

  20. the-girl-next-door

    Forever enjoy UGS. I always get my serious underground canadian creep on here. Thanks too all that contribute…that’s all of you. I’ve learned a lot.

  21. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Noyz! Kudos on 10 years, homie.

  22. Rad Noyz. You are the boss.

  23. Chaps

    Thanks Noyz for everything!

  24. deejay emoh betta

    my favorite site! forever.

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