Mar 4, 2009

UGSMAG + Twitter



  1. Royal-T

    I’m sure i’m living ina a cave (a deep one) with this one buuuuut….. what’s twitter?

  2. Its like facebook updates on steroids kinda.

  3. nutballs

    Its like facebook status updates. You get 140 charcters and you say what’s on ur mind or whateva.

  4. i didnt like it or get it off the bat, but i’m digging it now. seems like a nice time waster haha

    • Me too, i signed up over a year ago and thought it was stupid but now i like it. Especially now that more and more people i know are using it too, that makes it all the better.

  5. that helps, with the more ppl you know but I also like gettin news and sport updates. ctv edmonton is freakin awesome

  6. Hated on Twitter for almost two years, then I caved around a week ago. An acquaintance suggested that it’s good for networking, and I joined for that initially, but it’s also kinda fun.
    Reading ?uestlove’s posts is often entertaining.

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