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April 25, 2010

Tha Grimm Teachaz (PMDF & Kenny) – “I Getz” Feat. Son Doobie

Tha Grim Teachaz (PMDF & Kenny) - "I Getz" Feat. Son Doobie

<a href="http://fridaynight.bandcamp.com/track/i-getz-tha-grim-teachaz-featuring-son-doobie">I Getz &#8211; Tha Grim Teachaz (Featuring Son Doobie) by Friday Night</a>

Friday Night’s (Serengeti and Hi-Fidel) follow up album to Friday Night, appropriately titled Saturday Night, drops this June on Breakfast Records. Check out this classic ’93 Grim Teachaz track from the album!

Download: Tha Grim Teachaz (PMDF & Kenny Dennis) – “I Getz” Feat. Son Doobie


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