November 21, 2015

VIDEO: An Illustrated Mess & Amber Martin – “Gasp”

New video for a great track from Flagstaff Arizona duo An Illustrated Mess (emcee: Prosodic & producer: Cecil Tso – who produced a track on Ceschi’s digital 7-inch a couple of years ago). Video by Tre Orona.


Take me down to higher ground
Where the rising sun can take me higher
And the rings orbit my head
Bringing me back

Many have walked this path
Any rat in a trap can debate that
When them stakes is high
It’s pretty hard to believe it’s gonna be fine
Yo, Who do you look for?
Who do you ignore?
Ain’t nobody gonna fix it, you can explore
For sure there are those who compose themselves to help
And it’s fine
But is it really helping to get by?
It’s not enough without balance
You’re bound to slip and if it’s around your crowd, It trips
But it’s okay though
In order to sort out a mess you gotta lay it on the table
Forget the fables and make believe
You make these things
Now take these schemes
And plot them to be more than a reality

I wanna say that life is such a casualty, casually acting like I can weather the wicked when I can barely pretend that I’m even able to kick it!

So break it down
And pick up all the pieces that can create their own sound
And capture it
And capture it

Holding on with one chance
Here we go, may I have this last dance?
In a trance of things I’m asked by these
massive past up brings
In my glass it sings,
Does it matter to me?
Does it matter to you?
Does it matter?
I’m asking the room!
Cause for the moment it’s yours to be open
I’ve been alone even with plenty of those in my row full of homies
I never thought that I could get this bad and if I did I thought that I could swing another bat and hit it home see?
But ain’t no way around it, but the ground up, gotta crawl before you walk if that’s the trek then go on put it on me

I put myself back together like a puzzle piece
Reposition to where I really need to be
And I believe the times, they are actually changing
Innocent, young minds showing us how to be brave in
These trying times got us all hoping for great things
But we’re all just trying not to cave in

Isn’t it such an amazement?
This goes to those feeling crazy
Out of the days where I would lay with deranged dreams
Within that painting
It was the same scene
I would’ve made it better if I had ever considered moving on
It’s such a lonely controlling owner but man I’m feeling strong
I gasp at the fact that I’m slowly learning to be more involved
It’s showing me that it’s more than a fortune when you witness loss