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April 17, 2020

Video Premier: Factor Chandelier – “New View / Lawnchair”

Directed by Riley Deacon

Beautiful new video for a pair of songs from Factor Chandelier’s latest album, First Storm – which is out now everywhere via Fake Four Inc. (Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music).

“The concept for the “New View” video was established early in the album process when the director, Riley Deacon, and I were brainstorming cover ideas and an overall vibe for the look of the project. He showed me some photos for inspiration of some ice fishermen in Kazakhstan, they had plastic covers over them to protect from the elements. I could instantly see what he was thinking for the concept and it worked great for the video. We focused on the themes of isolation, self reflection and being lost, which has become a lot more peoples reality right now. The video for “New View / Lawnchair” is some of the most relevant to the times art we have ever made.” – Factor Chandelier

Horns: Danny T Levin
Vocals on Lawnchair: Taylor Jade