October 5, 2020

Video: Stresselbee & Friends “Small Town” ft. Homeboy Sandman & MC Paul Barman

Animated/Directed by Eric Power

First video off of The Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee and Friends (out October 16, 2020) by Vermont’s Stresselbee, produced by the Aardvarcheologist.

Pre-order the album now: https://stresselbeeandfriends.bandcamp.com/album/the-animated-misadventures-of-stresselbee-friends

Featuring Blu, Homeboy Sandman, MC Paul Barman, Louis Logic, Subtex, Blurum13, DRUNX, Mr. Marijana Potman of Alabaster Samovars, Hoarse Hed of Epidemiks, Doppelganger of Light Pockets