Oct 13, 2010

Vinnie Paz ft. RA The Rugged Man & Amalie Bruun – “Nosebleed” video


Video from Vinnie Paz’s debut solo album, Season of the Assassin, in stores now. Directed by Ethan Blum.

via grandgood


  1. Avatar william m. james

    Vinnie Paz looks like Patton Oswald

  2. Avatar heywoodjablome

    soo sick!!!

  3. Avatar The r

    Shits dope, I need more verses.

  4. Avatar mkid

    Better with Touch.

  5. They should have replaced Vinnie Paz with another R.A. the Rugged Man verse…

  6. Avatar max prime

    holy shit what are these too white dudes doing rapping to a big pun song?

    • Avatar lingo.

      thats not really a pun beat is it?

      i mean, it’s got a similar vibe to beware and all that shit. either way, why cant white dudes rap on pun beats?

    • Avatar max prime

      no its not a big pun beat. i mean in this track they are both using big puns flow style. no disrespect if people like the track its still a good track

    • Avatar Royal-T

      RA rocks the PUN style flow lots. Don’t really hear the PUN flow in Vinnie…maybe it’s the voice. Ain’t shit wrong with that though since PUN got the best flow in history.

  7. Avatar KingKomrade

    Long live Vinne Paz daddy! Blat blat!

  8. Avatar Royal-T

    ill as fuck. first listen through i was feelin RAs verse more but after a couple listens i’m startin to like Vinnies better, either way both murder it. ‘carry heavy arms like Julian Jackson’ too sick!

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