Oct 22, 2007

Vinyl and CD in one?



Introducing VinylDisc; a new product from German company Optimal Media Production. VinylDisc features a regular 70 min CD on one side and a 3 min record on the other. [via]


  1. jayoh fellonious

    i wondered when this would happen. cooooooool!

  2. Awesome idea… I don’t know how practical it would be, but it would certainly be something to think about for those boutique indie labels looking to release something a little different.

  3. heywoodjablome

    dope idea!!!


    oh my gaawwd, I had a friend that had this very same idea about 6 years ago… he’s alot older than me and was so serious about trying to figure out how to make a business out of it. I gotta send him this, hahaaa

  5. i’ve always though about this, dope shit

  6. jayoh fellonious

    in the begining there was rap.
    anyone remember this comp? The cd looked like a record. “Keesha’s got a big ole butt, I know I told you I’d be true, but Keesha’s got a big ole butt, so I’m leavin’ you!”

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