Nov 20, 2008

Virtue & Exquisite Corpse are Partyboobytrap



  1. staas

    dope, i haven’t heard any new virtue in like 4 years so it’s going to be dope hearing how much progress he’s made in that time

  2. Hey’s actually got another solo album up on the site as well – brand new shit coming out all at once.

  3. Manaz

    he actually exists still! ha.

  4. The Goods

    This album is Dirty. I can’t wait for Ambivillains ’09.

  5. endub

    your flow has gotten alllot better Will. props on that

  6. metawon

    Its like fameless in calgary and all the people involved never even existed.

  7. I just bumped into these guys online and I’m digging them.

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