Feb 24, 2009

What’s up with Jesse Dangerously?


What's up with Jesse Dangerously?Jesse D has been nominated for Urb Magazine’s Next1000, you can check out his profile and vote for him here.

He also has a dope guest spot on MC Lars’ new album, This Gigantic Robot Kills, which is in stores today. Jesse guests on the track “No Logo.” which you can hear streaming on myspace.com/mclars. Other guests on the album, include Weird Al!

Also, look for both Jesse Dangerously and MC Lars live at SXSW this March.


  1. Avatar sadr

    good for jesse! but man o man i cant stand mc lars. hes horrible

  2. Weird Al eh? haha interesting

  3. I hate that MC Lars’ voice! Jesse D’s parts were pretty dope though.

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