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April 6, 2009

Wii Spray, Virtual Graffiti, Teaser Video

WiiSpray is closer to reality now, as this teaser video shows it in action, including selection of caps, colours, and using stencils; the Montana Cans endorsment is also interesting. So far the project just uses Wii technics and flash, so no commerical version / grafitti video game implemention just yet.

As we reported last year, Wii Spray is a project by Germany’s Martin Lihs, for his master’s thesis. More info can be found on the project site: wiispray.com


9 Responses


  2. Oh man.

    This will cause a massive influx of toys in the next few years…just like what THPS did to the skatespots back in the late 90’s.

    Fuckin vidjahgames.

  3. on second thought, after i watched the video, this shit looks stupid…
    I would hope its not one big white canvas you paint over and over..there has to be other surfaces/a virtual world you can paint…??

    also, wouldnt the size of the t.v. be an issue?
    how am i going to do a gigantic blockbuster if my screen is computer monitor size?

    i guess thats my problem to deal with…haha

  4. “In this video you can have a short look into the final diploma presentation of WiiSpray 2nd edition on March 25th 2009 at eWerk with a small audience. Remember – this is only Nintendo Wii technics and Flash!”

    its not a game, just an application…

  5. Komrade
    April 6, 2009 at 3:55 pm
    Waits for the -this will kill Graf- comment…

    Nah, it won’t kill graf. People have been writing on walls for thousands of years.

    I stand by my earlier statement that it will cause more toys but they will eventually fall off after their first charge.

    If they dont fall off, hopefully they will literially fall off rooftops or get run over in the yards.Or blind themselves with etch bath…

    Only the dedicated shall survive…

  6. I’m still waiting for the rap version of Rock Band – two turntables and a mic…that shit’d be hillarious.

    haha but I’m with Slop Eye, it’s not like this is gonna stop writers – I’ve said it many times – Graffiti writers are the most hardcore group of people you can find. They don’t give a fuck at all (at least the dope ones) and there’ll always be crazy fuckers like that in the world.