December 8, 2009

Willie Green & Nasa aka Adam Warlock – Law & Order

Willie Green & Nasa aka Adam Warlock - Law & Order

Law & Order is free download from producers Willie Green (Super Chron Flight Brothers, Reks, Cannibal Ox) and Nasa a.k.a. Adam Warlock (Uncommon Records). Featuring exclusives, remixes, and instrumentals.


1- Flashback (Nasa Remix)- Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One
2- Ain’t Got Much Time- HiCoup
3- Somehow, Someway (Nasa Remix)- Organized Konfusion
4- The World Piece- Zesto
5- Pyro- Vast Aire (From the vaults of Young Warlock)
6- Hermit Kingdom (Willie Green Remix)- The Presence
7- Flower Children- Nasa aka Adam Warlock
8- Pardon Me- Warren Britt
9- Rocket Science- Isaiah Toothtaker & Nasa aka Adam Warlock
10- Writer’s Block- Teddy Faley
11- Voice Within A Candle (Inst.)- Nasa aka Adam Warlock
12- The Terror- MC K-Swift
13- Tetris- The Presence & K-the-I???
14- The Ballad of Jesse L. Martin (Inst.)- Willie Green

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  1. @ugsmag thanks! Still loving your sites lay out, one of the best, not just saying that to thank you 🙂