June 29, 2000

Willus Drummond – Makin’ Music (With You Mom) 12″

(Downs Elementary) 2001

“Sometimes I pee in cups, sometimes you drink piss, keep the seat down because I rarely miss”, another fantastic Willus Drummond fiasco has just happened. Without abusing gimmicks (a la Smut Peddlers), Willus returns to the scene with more of the bathroom banter and diss-you-to-your-face slapstick that has left heads gleefully singing along or nervously looking around in a state of confusion. On his most commercially accessible release to date, Willis jacks a wealth Hip-Hop classics (from The Biz to Gangstarr to Nice N Smooth) to get his point across; that being – he’ll piss in your Ginger Ale if you get on his bad side and that the Rap game is a business and he’s here to ‘bling bling’ off that shit with a respectably sick humor. The flip is cut from the same cloth, Esau is the “anti-emcee” and voices why throughout tracks “Underground?”, “Boo” and the massive posse cut “2 Many Emcees” (along side Apathy, Danja Mowf, Yaggfu Front among others). Musically some of the beats could use a little primping but Esau makes valid points whenever he speaks so there is definite balance to his songs. Together Willus and Esau present a definitely different sounding single, content and concept along warrants a listen, “Makin’ Music” even plays a dope inside joke when played at clubs too. Regardless, 5 songs, plus instrumentals and lengthy shout-outs to the whole world make for a worthy listen no doubt.