Jan 28, 2008

Wordburglar – “Cream of Wheat” (video)


Dope new video for the Jorun produced “Cream of Wheat”, my favourite track from Wordburglar’s Burglaritis. Shot in Halifax, January 2008. Directed by Sara St. Onge.

More Wordburglar: https://ugsmag.com/index.php?s=wordburglar


  1. Chaps

    Feelin this good work! Definitely my favourite track on the album so many classic lines!

  2. ira lee

    hahah! AWesome! really fucking awesome!

  3. ahh this is prob one of my favorite tracks on this album.

  4. Shitty Bill

    such a good track. is the other guy in the vid Jorun or WB’s dad?
    nobody has to answer that

  5. yeeeeeah SJ good shit holmes.

  6. According to a post by Jesse Dangerously on another message board, here are the cameos:

    In the poker scene, the cameos from left to right are:

    Beat Mason, Jay Bizzy, Dexter Doolittle, Ghettosocks, Uncle Fester

    The guy who walks in while Burg is shaving is Mike Holmes, cartoonist and 1/2 of the comedy duo The Friend And The Jerk. Burg is the other half.

    The guy at the pizza place with Burg is Dave Howlett, who is another Halifax comic artist.

    The mom is really Burg’s mom.

    The comic shop is Strange Adventures.

    I forget if the girl in the shop is his sister Kelly… I didn’t even think to look, but it’s right when he mentions her.

  7. That was pretty cool. Nice n’ laid back. The Maestro sample puts a smile on my face, just like he said he would! :)

  8. If you have TV, you can see this video on Much Music’s “The Wedge” tonight (Friday Feb 1st). If you’d like to help get it more TV play, send your requests to: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

  9. Thanks for the links Noyz… Much appreciated. Please help it get more TV play. We’d like to get it in higher rotation which will make it easier for Wordburglar to get a VideoFACT grant for his next video, and the one after that and the one after that and so on… Help us take over rap!

  10. Lovely

    this video did make me smile

  11. No joke…I’m SO happy to see a VideoFACT grant put to good use. I’ve been bitching for years about dudes making cash-throwing garbage with that dough, and I know it’s still happening.
    The Wedge is one of the few things I miss about TV since getting rid of cable back in September of ’06.
    Props, Burg.

  12. adrian

    it’s good to know theres still some people making real hip hop big up

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