November 29, 2010

Xzibit talks about Awol One

Xzibit talks about executive producing Awol One and Factor’s Owl Hours. Look for Awol & Factor’s new album The Landmark dropping in February on Fake Four Inc.

18 Responses

  1. wow… yes, i was drunk, and yes i got a phone call well i was talking with him… so what??
    so lesson learned.. dont get drunk, and answer phone calls… can you be my life coach oscar… Keep it filthy,,,,,

    1. and on a side note.. famous people are only people… i was trying to relate with X.. do your home work…
      Serial Killaz (x, b-real, young De) had artwork done by awol. filthy animals new album has artwork by awol..
      Xzibit produced an album with factor,
      deepcave did an album with factor..

      thats all i was trying to say.. haha.. so sorry for being hammered.. thats what happens when alcholics drink…

      have a great day oscar… cheer up…

  2. note to drunk guy on left… maybe next time let X tell his story without cutting him off. and keep your phone in your pocket.

  3. yo guy no need for an explanation. Im just saying cuz this whole clip was kind of an awkward tv moment… when you go for your phone – you make dude feel stupid about the story hes trying to tell you. Then again, what do i know…im just a man in a can.

  4. Oscar the Grouch is right! That’s big time disrespect to fuckin’ answer your phone when someone is talking to you; anyone, “famous” or not. That’s called “common fuckin’ courtesy”. You never learned that shit? You probably sit at the dinner table and fuckin’ “tweet” your feelings too huh fat fuck?

    And cutting someone off midsentence is even more disrespectful. Nobody gives a FUCk what you have to say or what the fuck you are up to…that’s fuckin’ X talking, I’d bet my life that his story had more validity and value that your worthless piece of shit “side notes”. Get the fuck out of here Holmes. In my neighborhood, you’d get a fuckin’ chin checking for being so gOD damn disrespectful. Pedaso de mierada.

    1. HAHA. cute.. name calling over the internet… from a faceless name… awesome… wheres this “hood” you talk of where id get “chin checked” id like to visit and “tweet” my feelings.?.! btw when a phone starts ringing its a distraction no matter what… on that note haha… u called me useless piece of excrement wow.. almost hurt my feelings if it woulda been in english.. Bon Voyage

  5. I’d love to see someone try and “chin check” big bear lol, get the fuck outta here

    1. hahah no doubt chris
      yo for real it didnt even seem like BB was
      interupting him and it ain’t like he answered his
      phone, he simply looked down for a moment and chekked it, which to me seems kinda solid cause i bet dicktizzler would be so
      fanboy’d out being in front of X that he’d neglect
      picking up his phone if his mother was calling from
      her deathbed

  6. Well him being “drunk as fuck” makes him look stupid. What is the point of this clip anyway???

  7. I’ll chin check that fat ass fuck! HahahahA! The fatter they are, the more damage they do to the floor on the way down. My hood is in Atwater homeboy and if you know what’s up you don’t have to look on a map. Drunk ass fuck fat fucker can’t hold his alcohol! How much did you drink you fat pig? A whole keg? And AWOL one is a has been, dude’s a grandpa in this game. Fuck both of you lames.

    1. aww that’s so cute. threats that will never amount to nothing.. way to go… we should go for drinks one night… and get hammered.. ill even let you talk with no interuptions.. hahah

  8. hahahaaaa Awol One and Xzibit are pretty much exactly the same age ya tool….f**k they’ll give any 13 year old a keyboard nowadays

  9. psssssshhhh nun of this s**t yer talkin even holds no water anyways. X straight up said if AWOL is down with you bigbear then you cool with me! I bet u couldn’t even suck yer way into an X show, let alone chill wit da boy backstage HAHAHAHA