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September 3, 2008

Yamaha: Band In My Pocket

Band In My Pocket

“The Japanese au Design Project and Yamaha teamed up to make a series of cell phones that double as musical instruments. The project resulted in six unique prototypes. The Band In My Pocket model incorporates several brass instruments, like trumped and harmonica. The sounds are generated through the user’s voice, and are controlled by the buttons. Trio In Your Hand has a more electronic approach, with an interface for DJs and dilettantes to make their own scratches. Box To Play is one of the most creative, in visual terms: a foldable handset, with several musical interfaces, including synth and a platform for scratches. The little piano Key To Touch is also foldable, and comes with a tiny keyboard. And, Strings for Fingers functions as a sliding interface to reproduce the sound of instruments like violin and cello. ”

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