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002: Secondary education

Rap Reads

Illustration by Allan Lorde (@misterlorde / https://linktr.ee/MisterLorde) Classified – Off The Beat ‘N Path (macintyrepurcell.com)Review by Chaps (@chapsisrockinit / thoughtsfromtherapnest.substack.com) Myka 9 – My Kaleidoscope (myka9book.com)Review by 319 Heads (@319heads /

Thoughts From the Rap Nest: The Technic 1200

Words by Chaps (@chapsisrockinit / thoughtsfromtherapnest.substack.com) Illustration by Allan Lorde (@misterlorde / https://linktr.ee/MisterLorde) For more from Chaps, subscribe to his weekly newsletter, Thoughts From The Rap Nest. He also host two weekly

Helixx C. Armageddon

Interview by Werner von Wallenrod (@WernerWallenrod / wernervonwallenrod.blogspot.com) Illustrations by Ian “Bub” Davis (@lizard.pudding / lizardpudding.com) Helixx C. Armageddon (@helixxwashere / linktr.ee/houseofhelixx)

Fat Tony

Interview by Clemits (@clemits / clemits.bandcamp.com) Illustrations by 319 Heads (@319heads / 319heads.com) Fat Tony (@fattonyrap / fattonyrap.net)

Canadian Hip Hop Crossword

Crossword Puzzle by 319 Heads (@319heads / 319heads.com) First 5 people to send me a photo of their 100% correct and completed crossword will get


Interview by Chaps (@chapsisrockinit / thoughtsfromtherapnest.substack.com) Illustrations by Aidan Searle (@searle.sneer / aidansearleart.bigcartel.com)

Homeboy Sandman

Interview by Homeboy Sandman and Taty (homeboysandman.com) Illustrations by 319 Heads (@319heads / 319heads.com)

Issue 002 Contributors

Editor / Publisher / Creative Director / Illustrator / Writer David Jaguttis (@319heads / 319heads.com) Illustration and Photography Aidan Searle (@searle.sneer / aidansearleart.bigcartel.com) Allan Lorde