March 8, 2012

Astronautalis – “This Is Our Science”

New Astronautalis video for the title track off of his album, This Is Our Science. Directed by June Zandona.

Catch Astronautalis on tour now with Busdriver and Jel ( for full details)

March 8 — Sioux Falls, SD — Club David w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 9 — Milwaukee, WI — Cactus Club w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 10 — Detroit, MI — Hard Rock w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 11 — Chicago, IL — Schubas w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 12 — Omaha, NE — The Waiting Room w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 14 — SXSW
March 15 SXSW
March 16 SXSW
March 17 SXSW
March 18 SXSW
March 19 — Denton — Rubber Gloves w/ Busdriver, Ceschi, Rickolus & Jel
March 20 — Denton — Rubber Gloves w/ Busdriver, Sole, Bleubird & Jel
March 21 — Oklahoma City, OK — Blue Note w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 22 — St. Louis, MO — The Firebird w/ Busdriver & Jel
March 23 — Kansas City — The Riot Room w/ Busdriver, Jel, & Mac Lethal
March 24 — West Haven, CT — University of New Haven


We touch fire
Just to taste the truth
You say we’re gonna die
So will you
We chase lightning
Cause we need to move
This is our science
We got nothing to prove

Tell me where you’re going
With that knife in your hand?
Tell me what your thinking
What do you got planned?
See I don’t trust your smile,
I know your daddy’ lets you run wild as wind,
I saw you touch her eyelids,
I can see your want so clearly to kiss her lips.

I got a friend who walks the strip with a gun on his hip.
His reason is this, if people catch a glimpse, they won’t be talking shit.
And he can rest his heavy fists,
He got hands for taking teeth, he don’t need quarters to coax them from lips.
To you, this is crazy as it gets,
To the man with bruises on hands, it only makes sense
Yeah, and that’s the way that he is…the Toothtaker!
And this the way that I live.

I wasn’t born in a box car, when I die bury me with crossed arms
Underneath the tree up in the backyard.
Slip that coin in my pocket, yeah, it’s a lost art,
Living what your giving till it finally stops hearts.
When us good guys die, we hope those that survive
Can spin a solid lie to make us look real hard.
Cause we ain’t tough, tell ’em stef:
“We just deal with whatever comes up”.

This is for those who can’t take a hint.
Find 100 neighbors, ask, “if they could change their life what would they do different?”
Would it be little shifts?
Or would it be, some hidden dream, from the bitter deep, that no one even knows exists?
To me it makes sense,
you can waste time tossing blades of grass to the wind or you can swing fists.
And if it sinks ships,
Bury me at sea, with my arms crossed, and a smile up on my pink lips.

Tell me this:
Put up your finger tips if you’re living your life exactly the way that you wished…
Yeah, and for the rest of us with our hands at our hips,
Our work is never done…we are Sisyphus.