• Awol One

    Interview with Awol One discussing his brand new album, ‘Primer’ and more.

  • MC Homeless

    MC Homeless interview by Brzowski. Discussing Homeless’ early years, brief retirement from rap, his brand new Moodie Black produced ‘Sex and Death’ EP on Fake Four and more!

  • Reindeer667

    Interview with the great James Reindeer; discussing a traumatic, yet productive, past year in which he has released four new albums.

  • Big Breakfast

    Interview with Big Breakfast aka Desayunito aka Mikey aka Mikey :). Long Islander turned Queens resident, shorts & Crocs enthusiast, student of rap.

  • Googie

    Googie. The name says it all. Repping the Karma Kids crew, Bald Afro, & his damn self, this renegade out of Dirty Jerz is no stranger to the game.

  • Justin Bieler (I Had An Accident Records)

    After 10 years of running the indie cassette tape label, I Had An Accident, Justin Bieler is stepping down and passing the torch to a new owner.

  • Kay the Aquanaut

    We caught up with Kay The Aquanaut to chat about his new Maki produced LP Station Wagon, his future plans and more.

  • The Dirty Sample

    Interview with Apeface aka The Dirty Sample aka Professor Mandrake aka TwoBlueApes aka missing2wisemen aka Crash Silverback aka Planit

  • IAME

    Interview with Sandpeople + Oldominion member IAME aka Wool See.

  • MJC

    Interview with producer and Filthybroke Recordings head honcho, MJC.

  • Ill Clinton

    Interview with Philadelphia based producer Ill Clinton.

  • The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester)

    Catching up with Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester of The Extrementies and Canada’s legendary Backburner crew.

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