• Brzowski

    You have become the face of MilledPavement Records. I feel like mentioning them is the most appropriate way to start this …

  • Bazooka Joe 204 “Prairie Nilsson” Podcast Episode 3

    Join Rod and Joe for the final 3 tracks from the new album, and 3 more tracks from the catalog. Joe breaks down his writing process, his battle with addiction, and what else he is working on in the future, and bigmcenroe reveals what is coming next from P&C!

  • Bazooka Joe 204 “Prairie Nilsson” Podcast Episode 2

    Join Rod and Joe for 3 more tracks from the new album, and 3 more tracks from the catalog. There is a heavy emphasis on poverty and the down and out in the songs featured in this episode. Hear new tracks from the record dropping on October 15 – and if you are in Winnipeg, catch Bazooka Joe 204 live this Friday for his album release!

  • Bazooka Joe 204 “Prairie Nilsson” Podcast Episode 1

    The Peanuts & Corn podcast returns is back with another new series – bigmcenroe (formerly known as mcenroe) and Bazooka Joe 204 (formerly John Smith) host the “Prairie Nilsson” series, highlighting their work on the “Prairie Nilsson” album, and its parallels with their past work in the Peanuts & Corn catalog.

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 7

    For episode 7, bigmcenroe is joined by Sean Carruthers, who was in the retail record business in Brandon and got a lot of music into young people’s hands, as well as hooking up Farm Fresh with the Rheostatics… and finally Tyler aka DJ Hunnicutt joins Rod to wrap up the series.

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 6

    For episode 6, bigmcenroe is joined by Ken Jaworski, who was a mainstay in the punk rock and metal scenes in Brandon starting in the late 80’s. They talk about their common love of skateboarding, getting into playing in bands, and Ken’s organizing to keep the live scene going, including bringing in some legendary acts.

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 5 with Pip Skid

    For ep. 5, bigmcenroe is joined by his old pal Patrick Skene aka Pip Skid. They talk about Pip’s early days of isolation as possibly Brandon’s first hardcore rap fan, becoming friends, switching from Hockey to Skateboarding, collecting and finally making music, doing grafitti in a small town, and finally moving on from Brandon. Lots of laughs on this one!

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 4 – 1990

    bigmcenroe is joined by Alison Walden, a classmate and friend at New Era and Neelin Schools from grade 8 until grade 12. They chat music, high school dances, mixtapes, avoiding fights, and how they went to the school with the worst sporting record in Brandon’s history…

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 3 ’89 pt. 2

    bigmcenroe is joined by Stefan Goulet, an organizer of skateboard culture in the late 80’s in Brandon. They talk about sharing music, how Stefan brought pro skateboarders to Brandon, and “Spine and Grind” – the legendary skatepark that lasted a short time in the small city.

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 2 ’88–’89

    bigmcenroe is joined by Farm Fresh bandmate and long time BFF Tyler Sneesby aka DJ Hunnicutt. as they reminisce and share three more songs from the upcoming ‘Brandon’ LP.

  • bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 1 ’87–’88

    Our new podcast series hosted by bigmcenroe (fka mcenroe). Over 7 episodes, bigmcenroe will be sharing his new album, which is all about growing up in Brandon, Manitoba in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and discovering music, friends, skateboarding and dating.

  • soso and Maki

    soso and Maki discuss their musical progression and brand new album, ‘If and Only If’.

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