July 6, 2021

bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 5 with Pip Skid

The Peanuts & Corn podcast returns in 2021 with a new series – bigmcenroe (formerly known as mcenroe) hosts the “Brandon” podcast. Over 7 episodes, bigmcenroe will be sharing his new album, which is all about growing up in Brandon, Manitoba in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and discovering music, friends, skateboarding and dating. Hear the tracks from the new album along with other influential tracks, the occasional track from the P&C archives, and stories from the time with special guests.

For episode 5, bigmcenroe is joined by his old pal Patrick Skene aka Pip Skid. They talk about Pip’s early days of isolation as possibly Brandon’s first hardcore rap fan, becoming friends, switching from Hockey to Skateboarding, collecting and finally making music, doing grafitti in a small town, and finally moving on from Brandon. Lots of laughs on this one!

Farm Fresh – Downtown
bigmcenroe – 91 Wasn’t Ready (Girl 4)
bigmcenroe – 91 Rhyme Machine
bigmcenroe – 91 In The Spot

bigmcenroe "Brandon" Podcast Episode 5 with Pip Skid