Third Verse: Episode 33 – Bazooka Joe (fka John Smith)

Great conversation with the one and only Bazooka Joe fka John Smith (Peanuts & Corn Records).

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Peanuts & Corn – Farm Fresh 25th Anniversary Podcast Ep. 2

UGSMAG has teamed up with Peanuts & Corn Records for a podcast series celebrating Farm Fresh's 25th Anniversary. In the second episode, Farm Fresh play demos, live performances and practice tapes from 1992 to 1993. After opening for punk bands and playing to empty rooms, they began to find a following in Manitoba playing with a live band.

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Third Verse: Episode 26 – mcenroe

We connected with mcenroe of Peanuts and Corn fame and got an extremely entertaining rundown of the history of his career. Starting with Farm Fresh 25 years ago, creating and distributing some of Canada's greatest rap records.

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Peanuts & Corn – Farm Fresh 25th Anniversary Podcast Ep. 1

UGSMAG has teamed up with Peanuts & Corn for a podcast series with Canadian rap icons Farm Fresh (DJ Hunnicutt, Pip Skid and mcenroe). For their 25th anniversary, Farm Fresh decided to dig out some old demos and live performances and take you on a journey.

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Third Verse: Episode 3 – Yy        

We spoke with long time Peanuts and Corn recording artist Yy about his new record An Uneven Eleven, being a Dad, Winnipeg and Saskatoon rap scenes, Your Brother in My Backpack and a lot more.  

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Yy – An Uneven Eleven

Brand new album from Yy out today on Peanuts & Corn Records! Produced by mcenroe, who also has guest vocals along with Vibe Richards, Bazooka Joe, Pip Skid, Rob Crooks, Gumshoe Strut and Birdapres.

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Yy – “Innovative” prod. by mcenroe

New two song single from Yy, produced by mcenroe. Off of Yy’s upcoming full-length An Uneven Eleven dropping next month on ...

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Manitoba Days (Peanuts & Corn Megamix)

Fan-made tribute mix to Peanuts & Corn, one of the most important record labels in Canadian rap history. Compiled by Pseudzero, ...

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The Renfrew Few (mcenroe + Alvaro Rojas + Jan Tingstad)

Brand new project by mcenroe (raps/sings/beats) featuring his friends Alvaro Rojas (guitar) and Jan Tingstad (vocals).

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mcenroe – and the bad sleep well

New 4-song mcenroe EP recorded around the same time as his Burnt Orange album. Raps and beats by mcenroe. Guitar by ...

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mcenroe – Burnt Orange

New mcenroe album!

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Park-Like Setting + UGSMAG #TBT from 2000

John Smith and mcenroe way back in July of 2000 after a Park-Like Setting show in Edmonton.

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