August 6, 2021

bigmcenroe – Brandon

Great new album from bigmcenroe (fka mcenroe) out now! If you’ve been listening to our seven part Peanuts & Corn ‘Brandon’ podcast that just wrapped up then you’ve already had a chance to preview the album a few tracks at a time and dig deep into the stories behind the album. Great to finally hear the songs all together now – ‘Brandon’ is available on CD and streaming everywhere.

If you missed out on the bigmcenroe ‘Brandon’ podcast as it aired, it’s a perfect companion piece to this autobiographical album. bigmcenroe used the album as a chance to make a musical scrapbook – memories of being a teenager in the late 80s and early 90s in Manitoba’s second largest city of 40,000 people. The album details his discovery of new friends, alternative music, girls, skateboarding, and finally hip-hop. ‘Brandon’ is a collage of these memories with short songs and commercials from radio and TV of the era.