October 12, 2021

Bazooka Joe 204 “Prairie Nilsson” Podcast Episode 2

The Peanuts & Corn podcast is back with another new series – bigmcenroe (formerly known as mcenroe) and Bazooka Joe 204 (formerly John Smith) host the “Prairie Nilsson” series, highlighting their work on the “Prairie Nilsson” album, and its parallels with their past work in the Peanuts & Corn catalog.

Join Rod and Joe for 3 more tracks from the new album, and 3 more tracks from the catalog. There is a heavy emphasis on poverty and the down and out in the songs featured in this episode. Hear new tracks from the record dropping on October 15 – and if you are in Winnipeg, catch Bazooka Joe 204 live this Friday for his album release!

Bazooka Joe 204 "Prairie Nilsson" Podcast Episode 2