Pip Skid

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bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 5 with Pip Skid

For ep. 5, bigmcenroe is joined by his old pal Patrick Skene aka Pip Skid. They talk about Pip’s early days of isolation as possibly Brandon’s first hardcore rap fan, becoming friends, switching from Hockey to Skateboarding, collecting and finally making music, doing grafitti in a small town, and finally moving on from Brandon. Lots of laughs on this one!

Ugsmag Podcast

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 25 – Odario (Part One)

mcenroe checks in with Odario of Mood Ruff and Grand Analog. In part one, they go over the early days in Winnipeg, their first releases together on Peanuts & Corn, and then the birth of Slo Coach Records and Mood Ruff’s first video, “No Hooks”.

Ugsmag Podcast

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 4 – DJ Hunnicutt & mcenroe

In this episode, mcenroe and DJ Hunnicutt talk about getting started with Farm Fresh, recording in Toronto with Rheostatics, and playing highlights from Hunnicutt’s beat making and scratch chorus work for the label. Plus watch a bonus live video of “Betamax”.