May 25, 2021

bigmcenroe “Brandon” Podcast Episode 2 ’88–’89

The Peanuts & Corn podcast returns in 2021 with a new series – bigmcenroe (formerly known as mcenroe) hosts the “Brandon” podcast. Over 7 episodes, bigmcenroe will be sharing his new album, which is all about growing up in Brandon, Manitoba in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and discovering music, friends, skateboarding and dating. Hear the tracks from the new album along with other influential tracks, the occasional track from the P&C archives, and stories from the time with special guests.

For episode 2, bigmcenroe is joined by Farm Fresh bandmate and long time BFF Tyler Sneesby aka DJ Hunnicutt. They talk about their first concerts and their eternal quest for new music, their unique fashion sense, and being skateboard weirdos in a hockey town. bigmcenroe also shares three more songs from the upcoming “Brandon” LP, and snippets of the music they were into in the 88/89 time period.

Track list:
bigmcenroe – 88 The New Music
bigmcenroe – 88 Tyler The Styler
bigmcenroe – 89 Big Green Limousine

bigmcenroe "Brandon" Podcast Episode 2 '88–'89