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April 27, 2017

Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast aka Desayunito aka Mikey aka Mikey :). Long Islander turned Queens resident, shorts & Crocs enthusiast, student of rap. Google the track “Sambuca.” I remember meeting Mikey at a CMJ show in 2014, he came through with GDP, they had a great difference in height.

Whatchu’ know about BREAKFAST!?

Hello my bro. I know everything there is to know about BREAKFAST™ and I will do my best to reveal all the juicy pro tips in this interview 🙂

Give me a synopsis of your latest release, RINGTONES.

RINGTONES was me focusing on making enjoyable songs as a whole, where Luxury was me figuring out how to make beats that I can rap over. Ringtones is my most listenable release to date in my opinion.

You make your own beats, talk about that, talk about cowbell use.

A wise man in an old played out SNL sketch once said….. “I need more cowbell” I think I honestly stole the over use of the 808 style cowbell from Chuck Inglish, who has been one of my favorite producers since like ’08. But obviously fools have been using it forever.

How’s that SP-404 treating you?

Man like. I don’t wanna give away all my hidden production secrets, but I DO wanna make it sound like I actually have a ton of hidden production secrets… I’m starting to get the hang of the SP with resampling and what not, but I still haven’t made an entire beat on it yet. I’ve found a way to finesse it to incorporate it with the strategy that I’ve always used for beatmaking, and pretty soon ima have some fire ass SP joints added to my catalog just U wait and see 🙂

You made a rap beat out of a rap beat & then made a remix of that track, that’s so meta.

Hell yeah it was and I ain’t even think of it that way until you just said that. Player was cool and the video was lit but the Remix was freaking fire. Googie, GDP and Czn Brady all came with it and i had to follow Googie’s verse, which, you would know, is quite a bit of inspiration to come with ur best bars. What a fun song.

What does being a rapper from Long Island mean to you?

It means I may or may not have an opportunity to uphold the legacy paved by dudes like DOOM/KMD and Busta and freaking Rakim, Aesop Rock even, if I play my cards right – Unfortunately most Long Islanders don’t really care about hip hop as a culture anymore, they’re stuck in some strange bottle service fueled autotune black hole. Chillin at Emporium pretending to network with people that pretend to be A&R’s for pretend record labels 🙂

What’s the worst part about being a rapper?

In 2017 personally, being white and rapping is kinda annoying. Noticing that a lot of white kids that suddenly like rap are into u and being suspicious about whether or not it’s mostly cus they can relate to ur white guy raps – kinda suspect. In general though: self promotion is the worst. If i was in a band, i could promote my music like “look at this dope thing WE made” or whatever but as a rapper, I’m pretty much like “ay bruh follow ME on this website” there’s no separation from the art and it makes u seem really self centered and delusional. :/

You ride a bike, what’s bike-riding in NYC like?

It’s fun and chill in Queens and Brooklyn but Manhattan is a gauntlet of bloodthirsty taxi drivers lined with an obstacle course of clueless tourists playing human Frogger in the bike lane.

You’re at the Bodega in Heaven where you can make any kind of sandwich combo imaginable, what’re you getting?

If getting fatter isn’t a factor because I’m in heaven, I’m gonna do a pastrami egg and cheese on a buttered hero and get a beef patty w/ mozzarella on the side. Keep it simple/keep it insanely caloric

What was the inspiration behind “Hit Single”?

I made Hit Single in an attempt to just have an uptempo, bar heavy verse with a straight forward indecipherable beat. I pulled the sample from this folder of 160 Christmas songs that I downloaded off blogspot that’s why it sounds mad jingle bell-esque.

You opened up for Cam’ron recently, what was that like.

It was like – no big deal TBH. Haha. Cam’ron ruled. His set was everything I wanted it to be, but like. I didn’t get to kick it with him or even meet him. He didn’t watch my set he wasn’t even at the venue yet haha. But it was nice to play for a sold out venue full of Cam fans and have them all show me love even though I’m some awkward dork cracking jokes on stage and playing sample heavy loop driven beats behind them. They took a sec to warm up but they were with it.

You hand draw flyers, I like that. How long you been doing bubble letters?

Thank u dog. I been using photoshop (and also a stupid app on my phone that actually makes pretty clean fliers for IG/twitter use) a lot lately because I don’t currently own a scanner. BUT I do enjoy hand drawing fliers. I been writing graffiti on and off since high school so that’s where my letters come from. They’re aight.

What Pokemon do you identify with most?

I got a Squirtle squad tattoo BUT realistically, my body type closer resembles Gengar, and dude is pretty on par with my mischievous trouble maker aesthetic. Y’all rappers is Jigglypuffs.

You can bring 1 rapper back from the dead but 1 has to die:

This is a baited question cus I don’t wanna sound sour toward any rappers but take Lil Dicky and like, if need be throw in 1,000 other condescending white rappers…. and obviously gimme back Sean Price.

What the fuck is going on in this country right now?

The US finally got a president to accurately and blatantly represent how dumb and evil we’ve been for the past 300 years.

Say something about Smokers Cough.

Shouts out 2 Smokers Cough SPORTS PLUS cassette coming this Spring.