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February 17, 2017



Googie. The name says it all. Repping the Karma Kids crew, Bald Afro, & his damn self, this renegade out of Dirty Jerz is no stranger to the game. Google the track ‘Mangos’. I first met Googie at Hell Gate Social in Astoria, Queens, he was thrown in the middle of a Sarcasmo set & it was the perfect 180°.

Man, what kind of name is Googie?

Gotta Big Up Ma Dukes for that. My pops and I have the same name so to differentiate between us, she named me Googie. I kinda disliked it growing up but honed it and became the Googster in my later years. Its a gift and a curse cuz ayybody knows what it is when they know what it is but i find myself repeating myself. Tis…

Talk to me about your latest release ’Tis What ’Tis.

Thats my Baby right there. What I can say about the album is if you don’t know me, ’Tis is the closest representation of me in everyday life. Nomadic Traveler moonwalking through the concrete jungle like a young Mowgli Jackson ya dig.

On a more grounded level though, ’Tis What ’Tis , zig zag zig, thats the story of life. The yin the yang the good the bad the 2 sides to every story. Theres are gems all around you if your willing to search for them or at least open your 3rd eye wide enough to see whats shinning in the darkness. Diamonds in the ruff na mean. Its up to you to use these jewels and gems you’ve collected over time to get you through crossroads to further your journey towards the ultimate goal whatever that is

Who’s on the beats?

The Disrespectfully Reckless slaps from Headtrip
The Surgical Lacerations chops and cuts of the Samurai Banana

The Intangible Riddim of Montana Macks out of Chicago
The Cosmic Loops of Jeff Markey of Reservoir Sound

The Symphonic Phantom that is the Illusionist
and The Everlasting Melodic Wisdom bestowed by the legendary Blockhead

Growing up in the 90s was like:

Aww man the 90s were great. No one knew what was coming haha. Some people did, but i can just remember everybody being happier for some reason. I was young so money didn’t matter as long as i was eating and had a couple toys. I had an older brother that gave me a side of it that not a lot of other people my age did. I got to be in places others weren’t allowed and was taught to act a certain way. Hip Hop was crazy especially in NY and to be around during that is hard to describe and could never be replicated but I’m happy with where I’m at currently in life and in NY. You don’t have to hear it from me though just listen to anyone relevant or spitting the real at that time and you get the picture.

What does being a rapper from Jersey mean to you?

I mean being a rapper from Jersey has its pros and cons. Pros being under the great names like Latifah, The Fugees, Redman, Naughty by Nature etc. and having that as the foundation. Also not having to conform to a definitive NJ sound Ala Fetty Wap sounding more southern or of a southern influence. Cons being looked at lesser than a NY rapper even though where I grew up was more in the middle of NY then say deeper Queens or Brooklyn, so I had the opportunity to travel up and down the city. I’ve been between NY and NJ my whole life so I’m familiar with both sides of the tracks.

So, lyrics, how do you do it??

I harmonize with nonsense and kinda fill in the blanks from there. Other times I have stuff written that just goes but I usually like to write to a beat at least one verse. maybe fill in the rest from there. Also I haven’t written any lyrics since 2006 i just read off of my Uncle Jules’ old rhymebook and try to make it translate.

Shouts to Uncle Jules.

Shouts to Uncle Jules.

Tell me something very specific about yourself.

I was Franky Lymon in my past life, and ill give fools the business in board, table or video games. Sports too. Mr Game and Watch. You wanna wild out you wanna dance i do all dat baby.

Favorite strain & why…

Changes with the seasons, but that old school Uptown Piff always has a place in my heart. Big fan of any OGs and sour of course . Flavorful though not too earthy less its the knockout then lets churf.

Hahaha birds are so funny, ey what’s your favorite kind of bird?

Wolf Owls. Next Question

Why do people think they can rap?

First off, because its free. 2nd, because there is no real right answer to the question. Just because YOU don’t like a certain rapper doesn’t mean that person cant rap, it means they are trash to your belief system. If it evokes emotion then it holds some merit. An energy that can change peoples perspectives even if it isn’t yours. I’ve heard a million reasons why songs or rappers are trash, but I dare you to walk into a club and not hear the exact songs or rappers that are ridiculed daily and not knock to em. Or at least see people actually having an amazing time. Production goes far but some shit just feels great to sing off key at a club at 3 in the morning with a bunch of people you fuck with around you, even if it is nonsense. There are hundreds, thousands of MCs that can melt your face, write great songs, and outperform the rest but aren’t received the same at those kind of clubs, so it can draw a boundary of what is good rap and what is bad rap. I don’t enjoy everyones approach but i respect an artist’s hustle. Shit’s catchy, shit’s chatchy. There’s enough money fame and awards to go to whomever wants it. You gotta get up and get it or at least think of a plan and then meet some like minded people and get up and get it together. Thats why I think people can rap.


You’ve got a group with Lt Headtrip, what’s it like being the hairy half of Bald Afro?

Chillin yea just two cats tryna make some good music na mean. But the Karma Kids are solid though, constant motion. Any of us can collaborate and it’ll be sumn fresh. With trip theres a different darker air so i try to approach it for the other side until we meet in the middle. Then shit really gets crazy.

Craziest shit that’s ever happened at a Karma Kids show so far:

One night i went to a fans house after a show for a party and there were a bunch of girls high on mali or some shit but it was like The Lizzies out of The Warriors almost had to fight to get out pretty scary shit.

Fuck is going on in the U.S.A. right now?

Ha! the same shit thats been going on just in real time. Gubments always at least 20 years ahead. Nothing surprises me. Especially not shit I have no control over. So I just stay righteous and hope everyone in my cypher does as well. Can’t let dumb shit like this separate great minds. The media, the system, WorldStar, it’s all the Illuminati. You know what illuminati is spelled backwards itanimulli. It’s an animal, animal spelled backwards is lamina, lamina is a thin layer, thin layer meaning the 10 percent. Stay sleeping Dorothy.

If you could share one song with the world, what song would it be?

To get the best representation of me i would say Big Mouth Arcade cuz its the story of my life. I would want the people to hear Justice because its probably the most thought out or outspoken track on the album. When listening for melody i would say Zig Zag Zig for its enthusiasm. So I guess to answer the question probably Zig Zag Zig.

So, what’s in store for the future no autotune?

Bunch of collaborative projects with some really dope MCs. My next album. I’ve been working with a band as well so that should be a fun excursion. Tryna get this DJing in motion as well but I’m also trying to focus on things a little more directly right now because sometimes projects get lost in space and I’m trying to keep it true.