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My name is Jonathan "Jonb" Balazs a writer, photographer and filmmaker here at ugsmag. Originally a long-time forum poster and terribly naive rap head, I first visited the site in 2001, but didn't start speaking my piece until 2006 with a "gizmo review" on Lomography's Fisheye camera. Since then, I've tried to interview only the dopest rappers, producers, DJs and hip hop icons throughout Canada and the United States – or at the very least, shining a light on those artists who have made a significant mark in their respective territories. Hailing from Ugsmag's original prairie home of Edmonton, these days Toronto is where I lay my head at. I am always curious about new music and I encourage legitimate rap folks to email me the new sounds, but there is a very good chance I will not get back to you – I'm terribly grumpy and have very little patience for biters, whiners, posers, well as overt displays of sexism, homophobia and bigotry. But I love damn good hip hop!

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