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September 18, 2015

Bleubird – “Blkboi”

Video for one of favourite tracks from Bleubird’s new Lauderdale album, which is officially out today on Fake Four Inc. Produced by Mister Belvedere. Video directed by Digital Cypher Photography.

“At first i was like “Fuck it I’m just gonna put this out and let people think what they want.” Then I thought about the people that don’t know me, who might not understand where I’m coming from or misconstrue what I am saying. This song is about the feeling of being alienated from a culture that I love and have dedicated most of my life to, and the frustration of not being able to vocalize the complexities of that. I am NOT trying to represent white rappers as some oppressed class. Racism is institutional, and I am against all institutions. Culturally, I identify more with being a rapper then I do with the labels “white” or “jewish”. I am from the south but fuck the KKK. The only klans I fuck with are Poison and Wu-tang.”