Jun 28, 2010

Circle Into Square: Merchandise Giveaway


Circle Into Square: Merchandise Giveaway

“As a thanks to all our supporters and folks on our (Circle Into Square) newsletter mailing list, we’ll be announcing a merch giveaway every month, using our random-matic robot to pick a lucky person from our monthly newsletter mailing list to send a nice collection of goodies to. This month’s giveaway includes Ceschi’s new record The One Man Band Broke Up on CD, The Harvey Girls’ CD I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately, and a cars & trains t-shirt. If you’re not already on the list, join up now for monthly, non-intrusive updates, and potentially get some great stuff for free! A winner will be announced for this month’s giveaway on July 9th.”

Sign up here to enter: circleintosquare.com/feature/51

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