May 6, 2006

DJ Brace

DJ Brace

Introduce yourself, crew, affiliations etc.

Brace. Toosicks Crew, (Keep it Surreal – Thursdays)

I hear you have retired from battling, is that true and if so why?

The 2005 Canadian finals was my 15th battle. Not including smaller local battles. I’ve decided that its time to focus on making music now.

How did you and Gruf get together and become the Sound Barriers?

Gruf and I have been bros for a long time. We started making music because we had such like minds.

How would you describe the album?

Working to get through a period in our lives. Struggling With the modern day world and the troubles put on the average individuals mind.

What do you use to make your beats?

1200’s, RaneTTM56, Boss RC-20, ASR-10, MPC1K, PC – (for mixing)

Do you like producing or djing more and why?

I love scratching and making beats equally

What was your experience at the world DMC’s like?

Overwhelming. I had a mission, and that’s what I was there for, barely any partying – Except for a blunt session with Roc Raida and Total Eclipse.

You beat Scratch Bastid for the Canadian DMC title and then lost to him at Scribble Jam; would you say there is a rivalry between the two of you?

For a minute, but it was healthy.

What was it like battling him so soon after beating him for the Canadian Championship?

It was the heat of the battle season, battling him right after the DMC finals didn’t effect how I felt. It was busy though, I was working on both scribble and DMC world at that point.

How do you begin to plan your battle routines and how much do they change from start to finish?

I just find hot records and jam. Changes happen all the way along the way, until it’s complete.

What is your all time favorite sample to cut?

The one that is best for doing all cuts on is an ‘ahhhh’. Lately I like polysyllabic samples

What inspired you to get involved in hip hop and how did you get started?

I lived in NYC between 91 and 94. I was influenced by a lot of hardcore punk and hip hop from that city in that time. Buying mix tapes like “The Five Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn”, and “Cold Krush Cuts” inspired me to want to dj.

What is your favorite hip hop record/song and why?

I don’t have one. Some are: Diamond D – Stunts Blunts and Hip Hop, DJ Shadow – Endtroducing, Blackalicious – A2G ep, Saffir – Boxcar Sessions, Dstyles – Phantazmagorea, Ricci Rucker and Mike Boo – Scetchbook.

You do hip hop radio in Winnipeg. Give me the details and expand on your experience?

Over the years the show has evolved in different ways. I started with a 5 dj show. It all boiled down to me after a while. Since about 2001 I’ve been going solo. I used to only play Turntablism. Now I play anything – but 95% is hip hop related. Recently I’ve done interviews with the likes of Immortal Technique and O.C., and I plan to continue interviewing more. It’s my favorite time to play records – I play what I want – so its real dope for me.

What do you do when you are not making hip hop?

I work at the Graffiti Gallery where I teach kids how to scratch and run the computer network. We run a beginners and advanced program for scratching. I’m also working on finishing my degree in computer science.

What is your favorite hip hop experience?

– Jamming with A-track
– Talking to Chuck D briefly
– Chillin with the X-Men
– Meeting Talib Kweli, Shabbam Sadeeq and Mos Def
– Talking with Smif N Wesson
– Too many to name them all

What are you currently working on?

Currently working on my solo EP – keep your ears open.

Who would you like to work with in the future?


You have any shout outs, last words, stories you would like to share?

Shouts: toosicks, the Winnipeg heads. the Saskatoon heads, Akshav, Larry, Ease, Co Wrekt, DJ Wackut, Satchel Paige, Darko, Filipe, Louvens, Dopey, Drastik, Turkmansouljah…and on – peace to all my homies.