October 5, 2015

Doomtree – “Heavy Rescue”

From Doomtree’s latest LP, All Hands. Music produced by Cecil Otter and Lazerbeak. Guitar by Jake Hanson.

They tried to attack you
They tried too late
We’re waiting on the storm to hide the wake
Bringing you up to the surface
dragging you up to the shore
holding you up to the sun like Is this yours?
It’s yours

(Cecil Otter)
It’s yours right, this house with the boarded up doors right
poor site like maybe it’s mine and you made it in time with the foresight
to light a torch and torch this place, coordinate my life with yours
private wars and a chore to relate in a world that you made fulla minor chords
Find the oars, lie in the wake
quiet your mind, they’re lying in wait
they’re firing everything all over everywhere
everyone in the asylum is safe
Wait, the size of the tide is–it’s rising again, so align with your horizons
So can I get a witness, can I get a clue
Of I can’t, can I get an amen or a view
of the few and the proud that are crowding around the canals
in the masses to catch you and ration the savage of you
Grab for the branches, wrap them in you
we’ll scream to cause avalanches
that ceramic sunset’s for you


Whitecaps break above us
but at the bottom it stays calm
just the rising tides can touch us
just lift you up and set and you down
But danger is as danger does
There’s a motor in the water and it’s coming for us
and I can smell the gasoline, smell the rust
and I can’t move fast enough away
Break, make for the deep end
don’t wait for me
cause I’ll be damned
if they get another
just to catch and
catch and release

Choked, blotter on the tongue
water in the lung, trippin
hotter than the sun, fodder for the big guns
finished with your fun, know I’m not the one
Time crawls and I’m still here somehow beggin
still fear that I’ll waste my life on the end of your impulse
lettin the lead fly from your weapon
Hit or miss, bigger fish and a sea full
of deceitful creep people
Lust betrays, sweat the sheets through
So I stash and I grasp and I laugh and I plan it
keep it on the run like mechanics
You say Don’t hold your breath
you say Don’t sit and wait
Cause when you’re up then you’re out
and the fuss and the pout won’t work
don’t push them brakes

They came up the coast with a cavalcade
these seas I just can’t navigate
so I recalibrate
then bend the frame until
the image freed up from the acetate
I was at the helm with the map and the loop
looking for a keyhole to pass on through
they were waiting outside with incisors
ready to devise, divide, and syphon the fuel
they just shoot, they just shoot
hand in the mouth from the garden we grew
so I’m carving until I make a shape that suits
fly the sail so the space match too
and all I wanted was good and free
and my hands were good enough
paid up with a couple cuts
bob and weave
find a space between and cut above