March 15, 2017

F. Virtue – “License and Registration”

New video for a great song, produced by Factor Chandelier, off of F. Virtue’s upcoming album The Things I’d Talk to Harry About. Video by Ross Louis Klein:

** LYRICS **

From the same scene as Open Mike and Milo
With a smaller vocab and more limited rhyme flow
But there’s something no one else has that I hold
I can’t give you what others can, but I can do what I know

Been cutting edge since I first cut my teeth, trail blazing
Sans cutting ahead or cut, copy, pasting
Pursuing dreams without following or chasing
Survived the cutting phase, now isn’t life amazing?

Where’s the gay DJs who cut and beat juggle?
While I make bleak struggles magic for these muggles
Come here gangster rapper, you just need cuddles
I was baptized in the Dynamics of Deep Puddles

Kill my Alias with a Slug through each letter
Cuz my Soul can’t take One more Dose of “be better”
Too queer for the straight world, too straight for the queer one
As if there’s a difference of distinction when we’re one

But I still don’t fit in, awkward in my body like I commandeered it
Unsure how to helm or steer it
Can’t socialize, heads overwhelmed by lyrics
The only human walking in the realm of spirits

And somehow PAPER still premiered it
An oddity even in New York’s tummy
With bits of the underground, pop, obscure to the club scene
A jack of too many trades for any 1 to love me

An isolated liquid
Ain’t no substance that I mix with
Subject or description
There’s no definition
Call it what you want
But we’ll prove time and time again the names you give are wrong

Mother nature’s gender fluid
Father time is Trans
They say we’re living in a man’s world
But what the fuck’s a man?

And this is where we go HAM
Shouts to my people who know who they am
We don’t have a crew, we roll with our Fam

Shouts to my folks who don’t know who they are yet
So much so the very thought of freedom’s far fetched
Born into a system we’re not made to win
Hope you break the box social constructs placed you in