May 6, 2006

Gel Roc

Gel Roc

Introduce yourself, crew, affiliations, etc…

Originull gel one (Livin Self Destructive) but the homies call me gel roc. I work with a group called (Endangered Elements) better known as E times 2 or Ex2 and am part of a bigger dysfunctional family known as the Los Angeles underground.

You teamed up with Mascaria for production on your solo debut how did that come to be?

I knew the Masc from working on some stuff with E Times 2. As I started to conspire what my album was going to sound like I decided he was someone who wasn’t a household name and was making some really great music… so it was a good opportunity for both of us to introduce ourselves to the world with something special like laws & flaws.

How would describe your album and style as an MC to someone who has been under a rock and never heard of you?

It’s an audio book… an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs but has something for everyone. My style on this album is more of a mentality towards certain issues that most people can relate too, or something like that.

It has been a couple years since your last release with E Times 2 what have you been up to during that time?

I myself have been focused on the completion of this record; it took most of that time since our last release. As a group we’ve been going through the same trials as any other group who’s been doing things a while… jail, marriages, divorces, drugs and brotherly love/hate shit.

Is there a new E Times 2 album in the works?

Currently no, but hopefully that will happen; I’d love to do it. If we can all be in the same place at one time it will happen, we all want it to, time will tell.

What is the craziest thing that you have experienced as an MC?

Hmmmm… Females actin’ like senseless demons… people offering free narcotics… I’m not complaining.

What do you do besides rocking mics?

Train robots how to communicate like humans, school homies how to hunt for beaver, and teach cavemen to fish on their own.

When it is all said and done what do you want people to say about you and your music?

That my music wasn’t influenced by the rat race to be the most popular emcee… or I’d just spit the millions of stupid rhymes we hear everyday. But we’ll see, the ways of the world are strong and evolution of self changes your perspective.

You have made music with some of the best MC’s in the world from 2Mex to Awol One to LRoneous. How did these collaborations come together and who would you like to work with in the future?

I’ve worked with Awol for the past ten years or so and along with that came songs with everyone who we crossed paths with including 2Mex. Lron was someone I didn’t know to much about initially and was just trying to do new things with new people and he was down and yeah he’s real dope. As for the future, I like to keep things a surprise but I’m looking forward to working with new producers more than emcees but who knows maybe Flavor Flav.

What is your favourite album, song and artist?

Subject to change but, World Ultimate by The Nonce, “Show is Hype (theme of my life)” – Volume 10, and Brother J of X-Clan.

What is the hardest thing to overcome as an independent musician?

The women…most of them just don’t get it.

What is a typical day in the life like for the G-E-L?

Work, family, weed, and music (making or listening to it).

Do you have any last words, shout outs or stories?

The “G” in my name is pronounced like the “G” in gangstah, not as in George Bush, now you know! Get the album Laws & Flaws yall… thanks.