March 20, 2014

I Am Many – “We Run Shit” AS I AM (Ep.05)

AS I AM is a 12-episode series that tracks I Am Many, the Brooklyn-bred emcee in his comfort zone — the streets, subways and chipped-paint parallel bars of NYC — sounding off on topics both heavy and light. In one episode, you’ll catch an impassioned rant about miserable jobs and the sick comedy of the “boss” by night who bows to the boss by day. In another episode, Many preaches what a lot of us are thinking about emceeing’s tragic story arc.

In other episodes, he confesses his love of BBWs and jokes about the minor moral quandaries faced by an ex-douchebag trying to be kind to others in a nasty city. The majority of videos end with Many spitting a fiery public freestyle with fearless command, either for the girls sitting at a neighboring table or on a crowded train. Watch AS I AM each week and get introduced to this off-beat thinker and compelling emcee.