May 30, 2017

VIDEO: Jueles – “Butterflies” The Final Chapter in the Saga of Kenny Dennis (Serengeti)

If you know who Kenny Dennis (aka Serengeti) is, then you know about his wife Jueles – but did you know she can sing? Super lovely Kaleidoscope vibes here on the first single / title track from Jueles’ upcoming album Butterflies. Starring Jade as Jueles. Produced by Rob Kleiner.

“Little did we know while Kenny was busy planning his comeback – Jueles was making some plans of her own.

Butterflies is Jueles’ debut album, their story through her eyes, though her songs. Her big dreams and musical aspirations, her infatuation with Tom Selleck, and their meeting that tips off a series of fateful events. Opening our eyes to a whole new story – and the secret we’ve been missing all these years.”

Pre-order the Butterflies limited edition double LP (comes with an instant download of Kaleidoscope) now at